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Wonder Woman Cosplay: Skirt

UPDATE 10/19/17: I have a pattern available for free. I stressed for a very long time over it not being perfect, but I really want to share it before Halloween. It’s a hand drawn pattern, so not beautiful or professional or perfect, but hopefully helpful. It’s not exactly self-explanatory either, but I’ll make and upload a video showing how to use the pattern tonight. Stay tuned!

Wonder Woman Skirt Pattern PDF

I decided I needed to be Wonder Woman. Here’s the skirt. If I don’t dawdle too much, I’ll have more pieces finished before Halloween.

The pattern started with a small sketch to help me visualize the different layers of the skirt. I wrapped a long piece of brown paper that was recycled from a shipment I must have ordered from Amazon. I used the paper and a marker to determine the length I wanted the skirt to be on my body.

I cut the brown paper and created a template of each of the layers from cardstock. Masking tape served to hold all the cardstock pieces on my body as I adjusted and re-adjusted the fit. It took a lot of fiddling to get the all the layers working the way I wanted, but being cardstock, the skirt didn’t drape the way I expected it would when I transferred it to the fabric. I chose to lengthen each of the pattern pieces to allow room to adjust everything again later, just in case.

I used a blue vinyl I found in the home decor section of Michael’s for this project. To create the textured surface, I used combination of crinkled aluminum foil and a hot iron. After the surface was good and wrinkly, I brushed on a coat of blue metallic paint. I meant to use a dry brush technique, but the paint was so translucent and watery that it worked better just to brush it on everywhere. After the blue paint dried, I painted the edges with gold metallic paint and finished with a line of black paint to imitate the look embossed leather.

More masking tape helped me hold the skirt in place on my body while I adjusted for the final fit. Once I was happy with the fit, I added the webbing and d-rings to the inside and secured everything with glue and stitching.

This isn’t really a tutorial, but more a glimpse at the steps I took to build the skirt. I’d still like to make the underside of the skirt black, and I want to find a way to make the vinyl behave more like leather in its shaping. And that center back layer looks a little too long on camera, so I may adjust that too.

If you’d like to use the pattern I made, or if you have any questions, leave a comment below!

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