• Kerrie Lee


The art making part of my plan is going well. I started a Twitch channel which has been an amazing experience. I broadcast myself making art 4-5 days a week, for several hours a day. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very good about getting video footage to use for YouTube videos, but I have some ideas how to improve that.

I tweaked my Patreon page today, by reworking my rewards levels and goals. My Twitch channel has inspired me to get more serious about the promotion part of my business.

Social media is still my number one burden. I understand the importance of utilizing social media, but it feels like a chore. I want to find a way to use social media in a way that feels authentic and enjoyable.

I’m also struggling with the best way to connect with my audience. Twitch has been a great way for me to connect, but it’s a very niche group. How do I connect with people who aren’t familiar with Twitch? I suppose this question is very much related to my feelings about social media. I really do need to reflect on this some more.

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