• Kerrie Lee

My No Frills Bullet Journal

My bullet journal isn’t pretty. It’s about 70% brain dump and 30% planning/tracking, but it works for me. I’m using the Crossfield journal by Nanami Paper. If you like thin paper or use fountain pens, I cannot recommend this enough. I’ve already purchased a second one and put it away until I need it. These are made in very small batches, so as their popularity increases, their supply is limited.

My brain dump tendency seems to be predicted by a few of the personality tests I take. I’m an Enneagram type 7w6. I wasn’t surprised to read that list making is a common habit among type sevens. If you’re not familiar with Enneagram typing, you can learn more at the Enneagram Institute and of course Google.

What kind of journal or planner do you use? How do you balance function with good looks in your own planner?

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