• Kerrie Lee

Hello, 2017!

Changes have been happening here for the past couple of months. In November, I officially changed my business name to Dream Up, re-examined my vision for my business, and have come up with a mission statement I feel embodies my growth.

Mission: To transform imagination into shareable experiences; to wonder, inspire, and entertain; to nurture curiosity and explore various mediums.

I’m very excited to be able to clarify my life purpose through both my mission statement and my tagline “Tangify Imagination.”

My website is still evolving to reflect my new expanded purpose.

2016 Reflections, Just the Highlights

  1. Started many new art projects.

  2. Finished some.

  3. Published 12 YouTube videos and made a small profit from those videos.

  4. Started a live broadcast on Twitch TV and gained a small following.

  5. Published tutorials on Instructables.

  6. Accepted an invitation to join the Paperclay Design Team for six months.

  7. Created two projects for the Iowa Asian Alliance which were shared on a larger scale than any of my previous works.

  8. Participated in the local Mini Maker Faire.

  9. Accepted an invitation to speak at a local school about my art process.

  10. Mentored two aspiring art students.

  11. Joined a learning community devoted to right-brain friendly productivity.

2017 Intentions in a Nutshell

  1. Use my mission statement as my guiding star.

  2. Get organized, stuff.

  3. Get organized, finances.

  4. Finish unfinished art projects.

  5. Make more YouTube videos.

  6. Return to live broadcasting.

  7. Connect with creators in my industry.

  8. Continue my relationship with the Iowa Asian Alliance.

  9. Explore writing, publishing, and filmmaking.

  10. Engage with my audience and build relationships with my supporters.

I do have bigger and more specific goals. This was just a glimpse.


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