• Kerrie Lee

Fantasy Mushrooms in a Teacup

I participated in The100DayProject a while ago, but I wasn’t able to keep up for more than a couple weeks. Mushrooms was the theme I chose to focus on those 100 days, and I still had a few ideas left when I fizzled out of the project.

This piece is made using Creative Paperclay, a thrifted teacup, and some wood chips. It’s inspired by my Faux Porcelain Pinch Pots which used white paint and gold leaf.

What I Used:

  1. Creative Paperclay or other air dry clay

  2. floral wire

  3. floral tape or aluminum foil

  4. sandpaper

  5. acrylic paint and brushes

  6. varnish

  7. styrofoam scrap

  8. Lizard Bark Bedding

  9. teacup


  1. Cut lengths of wire to your desired length of stems.

  2. Wrap the wires with floral tape or aluminum foil.

  3. Cover wire stems with paperclay being careful to leave a small piece of wire uncovered on each end.

  4. Form mushroom caps from paperclay.

  5. Allow to dry.

  6. Sand lightly as needed.

  7. Fold the stem wire into a loop and use a small piece of paperclay to secure the stem inside the cap.

  8. Allow to dry.

  9. Prime, paint, and varnish. Allow to dry.

  10. Cut a piece of styrofoam or floral form to fit snugly inside your teacup.

  11. Insert the mushroom stems into the foam and arrange to your liking.

  12. Cover the top of the foam with tree bark chunks.

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