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DIY Loom Beaded Morse Code Bracelet

Recently, I was searching for inspiration for a friendship bracelet made on a beading loom. I love secret coded messages in jewelry, so when I found this DIY Morse Code Bracelet post by Erica at Honestly WTF, I knew I had found my inspiration.

My Loom Beaded Morse Code Bracelet uses two contrasting colors of beads and a button closure. The affiliate links below are the exact materials I used in my project.

What I Used:

  1. beading loom (*see below for options)

  2. #11 seed beads in two different colors (I used Toho Round Seed Beads 11/0 Teal

Toho Round Seed Beads 11/0 Silver

  1. Beadalon Big Eye Needles

  1. Beadalon Wildfire thread

  1. Stretch Magic Clear Bead Cord

  1. Toho Round Seed Beads 8/0 Silver

  1. QuickTite Super Glue Gel

  1. a silver button

* I found this beading loom

better quality beading loom kit

DIY Bead Loom Bracelet tutorial that demonstrates how to make a bead loom from an empty tissue box. I haven’t tried this myself, but it looks promising.


  1. Thread your beading loom according to your manufacturer’s instructions. Check your gauge by beading a one inch length of bracelet. Count the beads from end to end within your inch and write down this number.

  2. Determine the final length of your bracelet. (Subtract 1/2″ if using a button closure.) Hint: Women’s bracelets are typically 7″ around. Men’s bracelets are typically 8″ around.

  3. Multiply the number of beads per inch you counted in step 1 by the length of the bracelet you selected in step 2. This is the total number of beads of a single row of your bracelet. Write down this number.

  4. Determine the word or phrase you want to use in your bracelet and map out the number of rows required for your finished piece. I decided to use the words from my tagline (dreamer dabbler noodler) in three different rows. My finished bracelet is 9 rows. That’s 2 blank rows at the top, a row for dreamer, a blank row, a row for dabbler, a blank row, a row for noodler, and 2 blank rows at the bottom.

  5. Translate your words or phrase using a Morse Code Translator.

  6. Copy and paste the morse code into a word processing program and enlarge the font size to make it easier to read. Count the total number of beads from end to end. Count 1 bead per dot, 2 beads per dash, 1 bead per space separating dashes and dots, 3 beads per space between letters, and 5 beads per space between words. Write down this number.

  7. Subtract the number of beads in your word you counted in step 6 from the total number of beads in a row you calculated in step 3. This number represents the total number of extra beads you need around your word beads. Divide the extra bead number by 2 to determine the number of extra beads needed on each side of your word beads. Round to the nearest whole number (one up and one down) if necessary.

  8. Repeat these steps for each of your words.

  9. Transfer your design to graph paper.


  1. Thread your beading needle with a 2′ length of beading thread.

  2. Pick up 9 teal beads with your needle and position the needle beneath the warp threads, ensuring each bead sits between two warp threads. Hold the beads in place with your finger and gently pull the bead thread through leaving a 3″ tail remaining.

  3. Pass the needle back through the beads over the top of the warp threads. You want to pull the thread until it’s taut, but you don’t want to pull it too tight.

  4. Repeat these steps following your pattern.

  5. To change thread, leave a 3″ tail of old thread, and a 3″ tail of new thread. These will be worked into the piece later.


  1. Use your needle to weave the thread tails back into the beads.

  2. Cut the warp threads and weave the tails back into the beads.

  3. To each end of the bracelet, run a length of thread through the last row of beads and add five larger seed beads. Secure each bead in place and weave in the thread tails.

  4. On one end, add stretchable clear bead cord through the large beads. Thread on six or seven more large beads to create a loop long enough to go around your button.

  5. Tie off the cord with an overhand knot and add a drop of quick drying glue to lock in place.

  6. On the other end, run a length of thread through the row of large beads and add your button. Secure the button in place and weave in the thread tails.

PDF: Dreamer Pattern for Morse Code Bead Loom Bracelet

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