• Kerrie Lee

DIY Faerie Mushroom Garden

What You’ll Need:

  1. Creative Paperclay

  2. floral wire

  3. acrylic paint and brushes

  4. varnish

  5. craft glue

  6. container, floral foam, moss (optional)


  1. Cut a 2″ length of floral wire for each mushroom. Tip: Add some bends to one end of each wire to keep it from slipping from the mushroom stem.

  2. Roll out a small bit of clay into a stem and insert the bumpy end of the wire.

  3. Repeat this step for each mushroom.

  4. Shape the mushroom caps. Use the end of a paintbrush to hollow the inside.

  5. Allow the pieces to dry.

  6. Coat each mushroom stem with a coat of varnish to seal it.

  7. When the varnish is dry, match up the caps to the stems.

  8. Add a dollop of craft glue to the inside of each mushroom cap and add the stem.

  9. Paint the caps.

  10. Optional: Fit a piece of floral foam inside a container and cover with moss. Add the mushrooms, and enjoy!

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