• Kerrie Lee

Day One

Last year, I transitioned from full time employment to part time employment in an effort to dedicate more of my time to my art. But I mistakenly gave away the best part of my day to my job, leaving my art with the part of the day I lack energy.

Today, I am changing that. I am reclaiming my days for me.

My schedule is a work in progress. The weekly production schedule is something I put together several months ago, but my daily schedule left me with little motivation to make the weekly schedule a reality.

My daily schedule, for the most part, worked out well today. There were a few things I wasn’t able to complete, but I expect it will be easier when I get used to the newness of all of this.

Today’s WIP

Blackberry the raven: Nearly complete. I need to trim his feathers, check for bald spots, and seal him with varnish.

Untitled koi fish: Attached scales. Each scale was individually glued into place by hand. It sounds a bit tedious, yes, but I enjoy this part of the process.

Untitled dragon doll: Attached back feet. I’m taking a lot of time with this project because the process is still new to me. I don’t know the next step until I’m doing it.

Mask Tutorial: Step one completed and filmed.

Creative Paperclay Tutorial: Step one completed and filmed.

Dory touchups: I touched up the paint on Dory, and I painted the base.

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