• Kerrie Lee


Rebranding / Website Redesign

I stumbled upon the most amazing designer, quite by accident. Lily Liseno is a dream to work with, and just really gets me. Her process of figuring out what I wanted, and more importantly, what I needed has been an eye-opening experience for me. For the first time ever, I was able to gain clarity for my vision for Dream Up. (Funny coincidence: As I’m writing this blog post, I got an email from Lily asking for a testimonial. Oh heck yes I’ll write a testimonial!)

I’m thrilled beyond words with the brand package she’s created for me. My website redesign is a rough version of her idea until I can get a developer on board to clean everything up.

Cleaning up my blog categories

With renewed clarity for the direction of my business, I’ve cleaned up my blog categories to reflect my mission. Going forward, my blog will focus on Art, Business, and Self-Improvement, and there will be some Behind the Scenes writings as well.

Skillshare Rising Star

I published my first Skillshare class at the end of May, and last week, Skillshare named me one of their Rising Stars. This was an unexpected surprise, but it’s given me the drive to continue to produce even better content.

Production Schedule

I’ve been trying to put together a production schedule for myself for ages. As my stars all seem to be aligning right now, I’m beginning to solidify a schedule I believe I can maintain. (Another funny coincidence: As I’m writing this blog post, I received an email that my part-time job wants to reduce my hours with them. Talk about stars aligning! I suddenly find myself with more hours in my day to create content.)

Right now, I have a tentative schedule for art videos, Skillshare classes, and my newsletter. I’m still working on my writing schedule. But as with my routine, I’m optimistic a schedule will reveal itself as I get more practice writing.

Your Turn

How are your stars aligning for you this month? Any funny coincidences that are pushing you toward chasing the things you Dream Up?


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